Volume slider bug fixed and all about existing voice chat bug

Valorant 3.02 patch arrived this Tuesday, July 20th bringing along loads of bug fixes with it. However, not all bug fixes have made it into the game with this update.

Almost two weeks ago, Valorant PBE was released with a test build of the 3.02 patch. The PBE was introduced to take early player feedback to make changes to the build before it hits the live server.

Valorant has always kept its promise of releasing its updates at intervals of two weeks and has delivered them without fail. The only exception is Valorant’s 3.01 patch, which was delayed by one day due to a national holiday on the 4th of July.

Valorant fixes the volume slider bug

The Valorant community was disappointed with the 3.01, which was dropped two weeks ago, as the update did not feature many bug fixes. Especially the infamous communication bugs after the Episode 3 update weren’t fixed with the first patch.

With Valorant’s latest 3.02 patch, the developers have managed to fix the audio bug with this update. One such bug that was fixed with this update is the volume slider bug. The bug caused the team’s voice volume slider to reset to 50 percent every single time.

Players are pleased about the fix Valorant delivered to the game. In Valorant, communication is the key to success, and this bug has seriously hampered that aspect of the game.

Even after this patch, the game sound bugs haven’t been fixed completely. Valorant’s voice chat players noticed a bug at the beginning of Episode 3, but no actions were taken even after two patches.

Valorant might not have brought an immediate fix to the game through patches, but the Valorant community always finds a way to help themselves.

It is not known when Valorant will be able to fix these issues related to communication. Valorant developers never disappoint players with their updates. However, after multiple complaints and reports from players, Valorant hasn’t fixed or acknowledged the voice chat problem. For which players feel neglected by the developers.


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