We have four words of advice for Biden, who says DeSantis should mandate masks in Florida

President Biden sure had a lot to say to the nation’s governors Tuesday. He told Gov. Andrew Cuomo that he ought to resign in light of the New York state attorney general’s just-released report outlining sexual-harassment allegations against the governor. And Cuomo’s a fellow Democrat.

The president had absolutely no patience with two Republican governors who are standing in the way of mask mandates that would protect their constituents from the delta variant of COVID-19, which has gone on a rampage. Biden’s demand: “Get out of the way!”

He was admonishing Greg Abbott, of Texas, and, of course, Florida’s own Gov. Ron DeSantis. Our irresponsible governor who mocks mask wearing as being, apparently, for wusses. Our bullying governor who threatens to cut vital funding if local officials even think of imposing mask mandates on public-school students. (The delta variant has led to a surge in children being hospitalized in Florida.) Our shrewd governor who’s funding his re-election campaign with drink koozies and T-shirts that mock Dr. Anthony Fauci. Our scapegoating governor who blamed reporters at a news conference in Miami for causing “hysteria” by reporting the record-high number of hospitalizations in the state.

Yes, that Gov. DeSantis.

We have some advice for our well-intentioned president: Don’t waste your breath. Odds are, the allegedly licentious Gov. Cuomo will tender his resignation long before Florida sees a mask mandate from our anti-mandate leader.

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