What is the record for most free throw attempts by a team in an NBA game?

The NBA has several reasons why a player could be awarded free throws during a game. The record for the most attempts by a team in a single NBA game is 86.

The record was set in 1949 after the Basketball Association of America merged with the National Basketball League to form the NBA. The closest a team has come to the record is when the Phoenix Suns attempted 80 free throws against the Utah Jazz in 1990.

Although getting sent to the line is no guarantee that the player will convert, it is an indication that the team is aggressively attacking the rim. Giannis Antetokounmpo is a great example of a player that aggressively attacks the rim in today’s game. Unfortunately, his conversion rate is poor.

Free-throw shooting is crucial, as is currently seen in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. It can be argued that Ben Simmons cost the Philadelphia 76ers their chance at progressing to the 2021 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals because of his poor shooting from the charity stripe.

With the 2021 NBA Finals ongoing, the Phoenix Suns are showing the NBA community how important free-throw shooting is. The Suns have converted 37 of 40 attempts in both games, and are currently leading the series 2-0.

While most players do not take full advantage of their chances at the free-throw line. History has shown that converting at the free-throw line can be the difference in an NBA game.

Which team holds the record for the most free-throw attempts in an NBA game?

The Syracuse Nationals set the record for the most free-throw attempts by a team in the NBA when they squared off against the Anderson Packers on 24 November 1949. The Nationals won by a narrow 125-123 margin after taking the game to overtime five times.

Free throw shooting can be the difference in an NBA game, as was clearly shown in that fixture. Although the Nationals only converted 68.6% at the charity stripe, it was enough to help them edge out their rivals.

The Nationals were one of seven National Basketball League teams that merged to join the NBA. Their inaugural run in the NBA was successful, as they finished the season with a 51-13 record. The win against the Packers marked their 11th victory in twelve games played.

The Syracuse Nationals are now called the Philadelphia 76ers and effected the name change in March 1963 after the team moved to Philadelphia.

Dwight Howard holds the record as the player with the most free-throw attempts in an NBA game with 39. Although he currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, he achieved it during his time with the Orlando Magic.

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