Who is Bill Hutchinson? All about the “Marrying Millions” star who has been arrested for alleged sexual assault

Bill Hutchinson, known for his appearance on Lifetime’s “Marrying Millions,” has reportedly been arrested for alleged sexual assault. The 62-year-old has been accused of allegedly assaulting a high school student at his home in Texas.

According to TMZ, the victim filed a complaint stating that Hutchinson allegedly allows minors to “drink alcohol and smoke marijuana” at his Highland Park residence. She further accused the entrepreneur of allegedly engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior without her consent.

The accuser has also claimed that she was lying unconscious on Hutchinson’s couch during the alleged sexual assault. She was reportedly scared and “frozen” in shock on finding Bill in a compromising position upon regaining her senses.

Hutchinson previously made the news after appearing on the second season of “Marrying Millions” with his girlfriend, Brianna Ramirez, who is currently in his early 20s. The couple earned a lot of criticism for their 40 year age difference.

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Who is Bill Hutchinson?

Bill Hutchinson is a well-known real estate professional. He came under the spotlight for being one of the richest individuals featured in the reality TV series “Marrying Millions.”

Hutchinson was born to parents Marianne and William Blake in 1958 in Detroit, Michigan. He later moved to Monterrey, Mexico, with his parents and grew up with his brother, Mark.

He did his schooling from a recognized nonprofit institution, the American School Foundation of Monterrey.

Bill completed high school in New York and graduated in 1976. He later moved to Dallas and earned a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.

He began his career in the real estate industry with a commission-based job before building his own venture. Hutchinson is currently Dunhill Partners, Inc., a company that provides a full range of brokerage services.

According to the company’s website, it “brings retailers the best real estate in the country.” Hutchinson founded the company in 1984 solely as a “brokerage firm” and later ventured into investment, real estate, and retail management.

Dunhill Partners is currently regarded as one of the best firms in the US real estate industry. It has largely contributed to developing Bill Hutchinson’s approximate 100 million dollar net worth.

Besides his career as an established businessman, Hutchinson is also a professional drummer. He held a passion for music since childhood and previously played drums in a rock band in his locality. He also performed at KAABOO Festival with Stone Temple Pilots in 2018.

Bill shares three daughters, Holly, Rachel, and Tess, with their first wife, Kathleen. He also shares two children with his second wife, Kandis.

Bill Hutchinson met his girlfriend Brianna at the Blue Mesa Grill restaurant in Dallas, where the latter worked. The duo reportedly developed a close friendship and began dating a few days later. They have been together for more than three years.

Despite their huge age difference, the couple have reportedly received immense support from their respective families. However, it remains to be seen if Brianna will address the alleged sexual assault charges against Hutchinson.

Following the investigation, Hutchinson was arrested by the police on June 29th, 2021. He was later released on a $30,000 bond. Official confirmations regarding further consequences are yet to arrive.

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