Who is Brooke Monk? All about the rising 18-year old TikTok star who gained 16 million followers in less than 2 years

Brooke Monk proved that the quickest way to stardom is by creating videos on TikTok. The 18-year-old has amassed over 16 million followers on the platform along with 1.2 billion likes on her videos. She started posting content on TikTok in September 2019.

Monk became popular online for her lip sync and dance videos. She also has her own YouTube channel Brooke Monk, which has amassed over 760k subscribers. She posts short videos on YouTube similar to her TikTok content.

Who is Brooke Monk?

The Florida native rose to fame on TikTok and went on to dominate other social media platforms. Brooke has accrued over 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

The teenager grew up with 4 sisters in Jacksonville, Florida. She was raised by a well-settled Christian family and is rumored to be of Indian nationality. Her sister Aura is a popular dancer on social media.

Monk is currently pursuing her graduation from a private college based in Florida. She had previously mentioned her desire to become an actress in the American entertainment industry.

Brooke Monk is estimated to be worth between $2million – $3 million. The influencer makes her income through brand endorsements and selling her merchandise online. With an engaging audience, her net worth will grow rapidly alongside her ever-growing army of followers.

Aside from her dance and lip sync videos, the teenager became popular amongst the youth through her interest in makeup. Fans often ask the influencer about her preferred makeup products.

When revealing the secret to her growth on social media to CNBC, she spoke about the importance of creating relatable content. The Tik Tok star stated,

“Like little mundane things that everyone’s experienced in their life.”

She further added,

“I feel like the majority of audiences start to feel disconnected from their influencers when they get too big and then they don’t really care about their audience anymore.”

Brooke Monk is currently dating social media influencer Sam Dezz. The two are often seen together on her Instagram feed.

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