Who is DaniLeigh’s boyfriend? Drama with DaBaby explained as she announces she’s pregnant

American singer Dani Leigh announced on Instagram today that she was pregnant, months after breaking up with rapper DaBaby.

The 26-year-old looked well into her pregnancy and posed in front of a waterfall in the Dominican Republic. The post was captioned, “as you grow, so does my love, discipline and focus.” Fans are speculating that Leigh is pregnant with DaBaby’s child.

Leigh announced in February that she was single. The two have been spotted together since, sharing an intimate photo of themselves on her Instagram in December 2020. DaBaby made it evident that he was over the Miami-born singer by flirting with social media influencer India Love.

Why are fans speculating DaBaby to be the father?

Dani Leigh has not been seen with other men since her relationship with the Ohio-born rapper broke. She also looked like she was months into her pregnancy, which made fans even more sure that the father could be DaBaby.

Fans congratulated Dani Leigh after her announcement, while some fans playfully asked, “Who da baby daddy was.” The singer did not reveal who the father was, and it seems like she will be going through her pregnancy without a partner. She was previously linked with R&B singer Chris Brown after collaborating with the artist.

Dani Leigh was also under fire in January when she released a song called “Yellow Bone.” The song was flagged by fans for being ‘colorist.’ She had responded to the backlash by saying that that was what her then-boyfriend DaBaby wanted her to release. She said, “That’s what he wants, that’s what he has.”

Some fans teased her by mentioning the song after she announced her pregnancy, as well.

DaBaby did not respond to any of the comments speculating that the Grammy Award winner would be the father. The “Masterpiece” rapper has been actively posting on his Instagram stories that he has been at the premiere for his latest project, “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” in New York.

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