Has India banned cryptocurrency?

India banned cryptocurrency

The speculations are on the hype that the government of India is all set to ban cryptocurrencies and looking forward to making way for the country‚Äôs own digital currency. Well, nothing is still clear until now and investors are just hoping for the best. Only time will tell what will be going to happen with … Read more

Rivian IPI stock live today valuing it at $70 billion

Rivian IPI stock live

Rivian, an electric truck and van manufacturer, is going public with a stock price of roughly $70 billion, a staggering figure on Wall Street’s perception that the fast-growing electric vehicle sector is still a wide-open field. The company said it would sell its shares in the sale for $78 in a securities filing on Tuesday. … Read more

Cryptocurrency Price Today, Bitcoin and Ethereum surges

Cryptocurrency Price Today

Bitcoin’s current price is Rs 48,28,435, and its market share is 43.70 percent, down 0.28 percent from the previous day. On November 2, cryptocurrency values remained mixed. The worldwide cryptocurrency market capitalization is now Rs 197.57 lakh crores, up 0.42 percent from the day, while total crypto market volume is Rs 9,95,986 crores, up 0.12 … Read more

Facebook’s Metaverse: A platform where gaming, capitalism, and crypto will collide

Facebook's Metaverse

The rumor that Facebook’ meta is working on launching AI/ VR products and services is spreading like a wildfire. It’s no secret that Metaverse is a dream project of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He believes “the metaverse” is the next frontier and there is a reason behind the same. Consider the story of Sam Peurifoy … Read more

Why Bakkt stocks skyrocketed by 234% today


Bakkt enables consumers, organizations, and institutions to unlock value from digital assets, hence allowing commerce. With over 500,000 early-access participants, access to 250 merchant partners, and approximately 100 institutional clients, the Company is positioned at the heart of this digital asset ecosystem. Bakkt Holdings (NYSE: BAKKT ) saw its stock rocket 234 percent on Monday … Read more