Lin Wood may face punishment after sharing clip of Michigan election sanctions hearing

A prominent purveyor of election conspiracy theories may face additional punishment from a federal judge in Michigan after he shared a video recording of a portion of a court hearing on sanctions related to a debunked election fraud lawsuit.

Lin Wood, an attorney who has vehemently argued fraud cost former President Donald Trump the 2020 election, was one of several attorneys summoned to a hearing Monday by U.S. District Judge Linda Parker. Sidney Powell and other Trump-supporting attorneys filed lawsuits in Michigan and elsewhere that relied on conspiracies and lies to allege election misconduct.

While Parker previously dismissed the underlying lawsuit, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and the city of Detroit are pursuing legal action against all of the attorneys involved in bringing the lawsuit.

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Attorney Lin Wood, member of President Donald Trump's legal team, gestures while speaking during a rally on Friday, Dec. 2, 2020, in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Attorney Lin Wood, member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, gestures while speaking during a rally on Friday, Dec. 2, 2020, in Alpharetta, Georgia.

In accordance with local court rules, all participants and viewers of the virtual proceeding were not allowed to digitally record any of the six-hour hearing. However, Wood appeared to post a recording of Powell speaking during the hearing to Telegram, a social media platform where Wood has more than 840,000 subscribers.

Robert Davis, a Detroit activist involved in the underlying Powell lawsuit, filed a request Tuesday for Parker to hold Wood in criminal contempt.

Several news media outlets noted Wood posted the video. While the recording is no longer posted to Wood’s account, he acknowledged publishing the recording in a separate post.

“I was asked by my present counsel to remove the Telegram post where I had shared another channel’s recording of Sidney Powell’s comments at the end of the hearing. I followed his instructions,” Wood posted.

“Did the court really think the public would not record the public hearing when the court made it available online to the public??”

But he also posted, “Now don’t go and get me in trouble by telling on me with the court but many times today I moved away from the camera because I was chuckling at the errant nonsense being spewed by (city of Detroit attorney) David Fink and his supporters at the hearing.”

He went on to renew lies about election fraud in Michigan while attacking the Free Press and Parker in other posts.

“Judge Parker is aware of the motion and will address it in due course,” said David Ashenfelter, the public information officer for the court.

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During Monday’s hearing, Wood argued that he played no role in the Michigan lawsuit and did not learn he may face sanctions until reading his name in a news media report about the hearing.

Powell told Parker that she recalls asking Wood about adding his name to the lawsuit. Fink said Wood is lying.

During the hearing, Parker grilled Powell and other attorneys about their due diligence in verifying information included in their lawsuit and affidavits submitted with the suit. She noted many of the affidavits included easily debunked allegations or hearsay.

Powell argued the affidavits were not required and her team could have expounded on the allegations had Parker granted a hearing to discuss evidence in the case.

Parker has yet to rule on what punishment, if any, she may levy. She could go as far as preventing Powell and other attorneys from practicing in federal courts in the Eastern District of Michigan. A ruling is not expected for at least several weeks.

Reporter Clara Hendrickson contributed to this report.

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