Shocking video shows board flying into car on Ohio highway

Wild new dashcam video shows the moment a wooden board flies off a pickup truck and smashes through the windshield of a car on an Ohio highway.

The near-death incident happened as Kim Awada was driving home on the Ohio Turnpike with a friend and two boards soared from the back of a vehicle that was changing lanes — one piercing her windshield and barely missing them, WJW-TV said in a report.

“All of a sudden you see this wood flying and just smashed right through our window,” Awada told the station. “If I would’ve, you know, maneuvered the car a little bit differently, it would’ve been a whole different scenario.”

“Just thankful to be alive,” she said. “Honestly. And that my friend was not injured.”

Instead, the board landed between the two — avoiding injury or worse.

Wood plank through the windshield of a car.
“Just thankful to be alive,” driver Kim Awada said about the accident.
WJW Fox 8

The driver of the pickup truck, oblivious to the mayhem behind him, drove on but was later pulled over by state troopers and issued a summons, WJW said.

“He was cited,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Ray Santiago told the outlet. “He did secure his load with additional strapping that was available to us at the time.”

Santiago said it’s not the first time it’s happened — most recently in March.

Wood plank flying off of pickup truck.
Two wooden boards flew off a pickup truck on the highway.
WJW Fox 8
Wood plank flying off of pickup truck.
One board flew straight toward Kim Awada’s vehicle.
WJW Fox 8
Wood plank flying off of pickup truck.
The driver of the pickup truck kept driving, reportedly unaware of what was unfolding behind him.
WJW Fox 8
Wood plank crashing into windshield.
The plank landed between Kim Awada and her friend in the passenger seat.
WJW Fox 8

“They don’t happen, you know, very frequently but when they do, you know, it’s two times too many,” he said. “I think they need a whole new law or at least revise this one and make it stronger penalties and make people more accountable.”

As for Awada, she remained thankful it didn’t turn out worse.

“That’s ‘cuz God was there,” she said. “God was there.”

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