Waze now lets you use Master Chief’s voice as your guide

Master Chief can now tell you when to turn left or continue straight, thanks to Microsoft and Google teaming up to add Halo Infinite-themed content inside Waze. The promotion will also let you get directions from Escharum, the leader of Halo Infinite’s antagonists, the Banished. There are also a few other settings that let you make your navigation experience more Halo-y, including the ability to have your vehicle show up as a Warthog or Ghost.

To enable the Halo experience, open the Waze menu and tap on the “Drive with Master Chief” button. From there, you can set your Mood, car icon, and navigation voice to be UNSC or Banished-themed.

It’s hard to miss the settings.

This is a very bad idea, given how I drive in Halo.

You can also select either Master Chief or Escharum as a “Mood,” which will change how you appear to other Waze users. If you happen to live around a bunch of Halo fans who also use Waze, this means your next commute may end up looking like a Race multiplayer match.

According to the Xbox blog post about the promotion, the Halo options are available worldwide, though the Master Chief and Escharum voice directions are only in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The blog also says the content will only be in Waze for a limited time, so if you’re looking to try Halo-themed driving, it’s probably best to try it out soon.

It’s worth noting that googling or Twitter searching Halo could be a bit risky at the moment if you don’t want the upcoming Halo Infinite to be spoiled — tons of info about the game’s plot leaked onto the internet after being accidentally included in the game files for the multiplayer technical preview that ran from July 29th to August 2nd. The game is expected to release at some point this fall, though some have been reading the tea leaves (or, er, donuts) trying to pin down exactly when it’ll hit store shelves.

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