What do Robert Griffin III’s tweets about his wife mean?

What’s Robert Griffin III’s recent tweet-spree about?

The free-agent NFL quarterback raised questions on Twitter when he shared a video of his wife, Grete Sadeiko, doing squats, with the caption, “cOmE oN bRO yOUr WiFe iS wHiTE.”

Griffin’s tweet confused some of his followers — many of which believed his post included racial undertones.

The Heisman Trophy winner set the record straight in a series of similar replies to people who asked about the meaning behind his tweet.

“Being white don’t mean you ain’t got no cheeks. Joke was my wife couldn’t fill out a sundress,” Griffin told Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks in a tweet supporting his wife.

“And yes I love my wife and I’m proud of her business,” he added about Sadeiko’s fitness profession.

In other tweets, Griffin said he was defending his wife and alluded that his posts were meant to compliment her.

“It is not anti-black to love someone outside your race,” he added in a separate tweet.

On Thursday, Griffin addressed the situation on Twitter, and acknowledged that things may have gotten out of hand.

The 31-year-old’s Twitter controversy comes as he appears to be moving into the broadcasting world.

Griffin, who has played for Washington, the Browns and Ravens, might be making a transition from the NFL to television as an analyst with either ESPN or Fox, The Post’s Andrew Marchand learned last week.

RGIII has emerged as a top candidate for each network. The budding interest from both sides has sparked a bidding war over Griffin, who’s said to have had glowing auditions with both ESPN and Fox.

It remains unclear whether he’ll hang up his jersey for good.

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