Why Sensex crashes 2,100 pts February 2022

Sensex fell 1,853.88 points, or 3.24%, at 55378.18, while the Nifty plunged 567.20 points or 3.32% at 16496.10.

Traders were assessing the Russia-Ukraine situation. Bulls outnumbered bulls on Dalal Street. Frontline indexes fell below the critical Nifty 50 levels (16,800).

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Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine’s infrastructure, which could lead to a more extensive invasion of Ukraine. The United States and Europe might also be militarily involved.

Sentiments remain shattered after the oil price soared to $100 per barrel, creating inflation fears in oil-importing nations like India. India traders dismissed claims that Moody’s Investors Service had boosted India’s growth forecast to 9.5 percent in the calendar year 2022 and 8.4 percent for the fiscal year beginning April 1. They cited high oil prices as a barrier to growth.

Source: Google News Trend

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