Woke activists hurt cause with ‘self-righteous toxicity’

Woke activists often ruin their own causes with “narcissism” and “self-righteous toxicity,” a left-wing UK think tank said Monday.

The Fabian Society, a “democratically governed socialist society” founded in 1884, warned in a pamphlet published Monday that petty in-fighting often gets in the way of progressives winning what it deems “culture wars.”

“The rage many progressives feel about the inequality and injustice that disfigure our society is not merely understandable and legitimate – it can be actively helpful as a source of collective inspiration and personal resilience,” the report said.

However, “the point at which it tips from a strength into a weakness is when righteous anger becomes self-righteous toxicity,” the group said.

Demonstrators hold placards reading "BLM" and "if you don't see the problem you are the problem."
The Fabian Society report also pointed out that activism “can be actively helpful as a source of collective inspiration and personal resilience,”

The report warned that woke activists often prove “divisive” when “activists for social justice splinter into factions more obsessed with one another than ending the injustice that is their common cause.”

Instead of winning support, that often leaves “the watching audience … alienated and confused by jargon-filled debates.”

“As activists retreat to echo chambers … a narcissism of small differences effect is almost inevitable,” the group warned.

“Worse, it also actively harms the very people whose voices most need to be heard and listened to on sensitive questions of identity,” the group said.

“Even if the tricks do not manage to convince every member of the audience, they can leave some onlookers feeling exhausted and wishing a plague on both sides’ houses,” the report said.

The report — titled “Counter Culture: how to resist the culture wars and build 21st Century solidarity” — also warned of the “perpetually outraged” who “profit … from the cacophony of the culture wars.”

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“Nobody — most of all progressives — can afford for relationships to become poisoned in this way, because the challenges of the 2020s are simply too big for any group or segment of society to deal with them alone,” the Fabian Society warned.

“As we have seen in the first year of this devastating pandemic, only solidarity – inside countries and between them – offers real security.”

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