WWE Money in the Bank 2021: 5 botches

Money in the Bank kicked off a new era for the company as the first WWE pay-per-view since March 2020 to welcome a capacity crowd. The ThunderDome era has now come to a close and Mr and Miss Money in the Bank have officially been crowned.

The WWE Money in the Bank ladder match has become notorious for botches over the years and last night was no exception. When eight superstars are put in the ring with ladders, there is always a lot of room for error.

It could be put down to the nerves of the return of the WWE Universe, or just bad luck on behalf of several of these superstars. Whatever the explanation, Money in the Bank was riddled with botches.

Here are just five botches that the WWE Universe may have missed amongst the excitement of the show.

#5. Omos isn’t quite as strong as WWE has claimed

AJ Styles and Omos were successful in their first pay-per-view defense of the RAW Tag Team Championships at Money in the Bank. The duo showed that they can work cohesively as a unit whilst Omos showed signs of improvement in the ring. He was part of much more of the action than he has been in recent weeks.

Omos was in the ring with three men who had a wealth of experience between them and they were able to make the newcomer look exceptional. The finish of the match was the only time when Omos’ WWE inexperience was shown. Erik ran and jumped for him to deliver his Chokebomb finish, but Omos wasn’t able to lift him at the same time.

Erik was then forced to jump again so that the move could be successfully pulled off. Not only did this show that Omos isn’t quite there yet when it comes to his in-ring work, it made it appear as though he struggled to lift Erik up.

After Omos lifted all 330 pounds of Ivar earlier in the match, it wouldn’t make sense for him to struggle to lift Erik. The positive here is that Omos showed signs of in-ring improvement and is still considered to be a work in progress.

Edited by Jack Cunningham

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